Contact your Account Manager to provide a customised plan and feedback based on your specific situation.

Beginning June 11, you’ll need a valid API key for all maps services usage. Keyless calls to the Maps JavaScript API & Street View API will return low-resolution maps watermarked with “for development purposes only” and calls to all other API’s will return an error.

Even if you currently have a valid Premium Plan licence you will still need to ensure that all your calls to maps services are using a valid API key or Client ID.

If you are unsure on how to validate that you are using the correct API or Client ID please follow the overview outlined below. Alternatively you can contact your Account Manager to assist in identifying current usage across all your applications.

Validate through your Developer Console

You must use a restricted API key that is set up in the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan project created for you when you purchased the Premium Plan. Alternatively, you can use your client ID in combination with URL registration (instead of an API key). To ensure that you have created API keys within the correct Project please check within your Google Cloud Developer Console. If you have any questions in regards to your current Premium Plan details please contact your Account Manager or OniGroup directly. 

Validate your Application

Chrome users can install the Google Maps Platform API Checker extension to validate that your current browser based API is implemented correctly.

To validate on other browsers, mobile devices, or your web service APIs environment, you need to open your browser's developer tools or inspect your application to identify if any API keys are present similar to key=AIzaBcDeFgHiJkLmNoPqRsTuVwXyZ&callback. If you are unsure about current usage please contact OniGroup or your Account Manager to assist in validating your usage.